Cpl Dezan USMC

Cpl Seth Dezan – US Marine Corps
February 23rd – March 2nd 2019
Roatan, Honduras

We are proud to introduce the return of United States Marine Corps Corporal Seth Dezan. Cpl Dezan served as a Machine Gunner with combat deployments to Afghanistan.

Marine Corps Veteran Cpl Dezan visited us for a week of scuba diving in Roatan, Honduras. Seth was a previous veteran who came through the program and was generous enough to help pay his way to return again for an additional week of therapy which helps tremendously as travel costs are one of the highest expenses for each veteran. Since Cpl Dezan was here on his second trip he was able to help assist in training another veteran and enjoy giving back to his fellow Marine brother from war. Cpl Dezan has now expressed interest in returning in the future to complete his dive professional courses so he can become a Divemaster and then Instructor for Warfighter Scuba! You can view Cpl Dezan’s first video and bio by clicking here.

Photos from Cpl Dezan’s Therapy

The diving was incredible to say the least, being able to offer our services to wounded veterans in the caribbean makes the courses easy due to visibility and lack of currents/rough seas.  If you are interested in our program and becoming a Warfighter Diver please contact us and we can begin the registration process!


Our organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that cannot function without your donations. Please help us help eliminate the veteran suicide rate by donating at www.warfighterscuba.org/donate/
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Thanks to Deep Photos for the footage and edits!

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