Cpl Rouse USMC

Cpl Adam Rouse
Cpl Adam Rouse – US Marine Corps
August 3rd – August 11th 2018
Roatan, Honduras

We are proud to introduce United States Marine Corps Corporal Adam Rouse. Cpl Rouse served as an Rifleman with combat deployments to Fallujah, Iraq.

Marine Corps Veteran Corporal Adam Rouse visited us for a week of scuba diving in Roatan, Honduras. Cpl Rouse suffers from wounds sustained from shrapnel he received during a firefight while clearing houses during Operation Phantom Fury in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004. Adam has always wanted to learn how to Scuba but never taken the leap. From the moment our courses started and he was in the water Rouse was in love and an excellent student. On top of his Open Water certification he was also able to knock out his Nitrox and a Full Face mask certification.

Photos from Cpl Rouse’s Therapy

The diving was incredible to say the least, being able to offer our services to wounded veterans in the caribbean makes the courses easy due to visibility and lack of currents/rough seas.  If you are interested in our program and becoming a Warfighter Diver please contact us and we can begin the registration process!


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Thanks to Deep Photos for the footage and edits!

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