Free Certification for Veterans!

Warfighter Scuba offers free training, accommodations, flights and all meals to combat wounded veterans, but we also have programs for non-wounded veterans! Any and all veterans are welcome to come and dive or learn to dive with us.  You will enjoy a significant discount and also know your money will go towards helping your wounded brethren!

Did you attend and pass a military Combatant Diver or Non-Combat Diver course?

Do you have the proof of certification?


Well then we have great news!

This new program we are very proud to offer is for our veterans who have gone to and passed the scuba schools in the military.  If you are a veteran and have your bubbles then you qualify to have us give you the civilian recreational equivalency.  You get to fast-track the certification process by gaining access to 6 chapters of information online and then doing two dives with one of our instructors and a 50 question exam.

This course will give you a recreational certification of Open Water diver and will allow you to scuba dive worldwide.  Not only does this save you time but also money!

So come down and see us, show us proof of your bubbles and let us show you the recreational side of scuba diving, I mean, come on, we are in the Caribbean!!!



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