Lionfish Hunting

Today was a wonderful day of diving.  A squall did unfortunately come out of nowhere and upon surfacing after the dive we were forced to skip the remaining dives for the day, but that didn’t stop the first round of hunting!

Myself and Canadian Veteran A. Wise left the dock in West End around 8 AM and headed to the south side of the island and dropped in the water around Keyhole Bay.  Max depth of the dive was 130 feet and we were met with gorgeous reefs and sea life.  A 7 foot Green Moray Eel decided to come say hello to us, I think he saw us hunting and was waiting for some free food!

We managed to spear every lionfish we saw, the first at 80 feet the second and third at 130 feet and the last one at 55 feet on our ascent.  These fish are beautiful but are extremely detrimental to the eco system.  They have no predators and eat everything on the reef.  During our dives at Warfighter Scuba we attempt to spear every lionfish we come across to preserve the beautiful Mesoamerican Reef, the second largest barrier reef system in the world.

What is the best part about spearing the lionfish?  The BBQ afterwards, a very delicious fish!

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