Sea Turtle in Roatan

The Beauty of the Caribbean!

When I made the decision last year to move my family down to Roatan, Honduras it was stressful.  Literally selling or giving away everything we owned to pursue a dream in Central America was pretty hard on us.  Through the stress we learned that life is not measured in physical assets but by emotional assets such as family and friends.

A lot of our friends called us crazy and stupid for leaving the United States to move to a “third-world” country.  Boy they couldn’t have been more wrong.

After the nightmare it took to get settled down here, Warfighter Scuba was created.  I was diving every single day and all of my stress melted away each time I submerged into the crystal clear Caribbean waters.  It was then I realized that Scuba is an awesome outlet for my brothers who suffer from PTSD or combat wounds.

Starting a non-profit while living outside of the US has not been easy or cheap, but everything worthwhile has a cost.  We are currently waiting for the IRS approval for our 501 (c)(3) tax exemption status to be able to offer our donors tax receipts.  Once we get this title it will be so much easier to gain funding to bring more wounded veterans down to this beautiful island to learn Scuba.

Here are just a few photos of what can be expected on every single dive we do, if you have never been scuba diving before you really need to go out and do it!


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